A Tragic Day

cemetery-931594_1280My dog that I live with for 7 years had just died recently. He was a grouchy Doberman, there were times wherein we were bitten, but still we love him. In mid-2014, we started to notice that his stomach is swelling. We thought it was just due to food but it started to alarm us when he began to have heavy breathing. The stomach also started to grow large at an alarming rate. We immediately sent him to the doctor. It’s a good thing we had because the vet said that his condition was critical. Apparently, he got a parasite called a heart worm in his body. It’s something that comes from mosquitoes. From the looks of it, its probably something that attacks the heart of the dog.

It was stupid of us not knowing that our dog was actually suffering. Aside from the big stomach, he looks healthy! The Vet told us that once the parasite enters the dog, it stays there forever. All we can do is maintain it. He also has a 50/50 chance of surviving.

I prayed to not to let him go, sent him to a various vet since the swelling didn’t subside. Alas God must have answered our prayer since the bloating eventually subside.

Fast forward to 2016 of February, our dog’s stomach started to swell… again. Even when we gave him his meds. As usual, we had him sent to the vet. But this time, the vet told us that he’s chance are slim. This is due to his age. I didn’t quite believe it because we had heard this before and our dog had made it. The vet gave us some medicine, but alas… the very next day just after his visit. Our dog died peacefully. I can’t believe it… aside from his bloated stomach he still looks okay. I had no idea that a dog can have a sudden death without showing any kind of weakness.

We had him buried at out backyard. Not sure if we would want another dog…

Learning the Stock Market

I was tempted to learn the stock market since I’ve heard about people becoming rich overnight. I fully understand though that investing in a quick rich scheme can be risky. Anyhow I saw an ad about learning the stock market through technical analysis and decide to go for it.

What is Technical Analysis?

Technical Analysis as I was told is about predicting the price of a stock by looking at patterns in the chart. Basically it’s a way of forecasting movements just by memorizing some patterns. It’s a lazy way to invest in case you don’t want to research the background of a particular stock(this could actually take months). It might seem sketchy but their explanation is that it’s been proven for years and it’s psychological human behavior on why the pattern has formed. There are of course people who try to discredit it. These people are usually the hardcore fundamental analysis pipz who believes that if you want to learn the stock market. Learn it the old fashion way! Which means do hard work and intensive research.

Does it Work?

Did I say that my journey through the stock market happened 6 years ago? Well did it work? I will have to say that I am 50/50 around this. One of the basic pattern you will often see as a technical analysis is the cup and handle pattern, as the picture below shows. This is a very bullish pattern and I often look at the “handle” part of a particular stock if it would “break out” (a sudden upward movement in price) then it becomes a signal to invest on that stock. Looks easy right? The problem with this is that a pattern can fail. It could be a false alarm, meaning once you put your money right after the moment the stock goes up suddenly. You still have to keep an eye on it if the momentum would go up or you will risk losing a lot of your money.
cup and handle

The psychological aspect of this can be really appalling. Why? Because once you have your money in there. Trust me. A lot of decisions will have to be made. If it’s a failed pattern. You could think like, Should I pull out my money? Maybe I should wait… the stock might go up again. If it’s a successful pattern, the thinking will be, What’s a good price to pull out my money?

Have a Game Plan and STICK WITH IT!

One of the wrong things that I do which is why I am not making money out of the stock market is because of lack of planning and discipline. You have to set a price on when to put or pull out your money. Do not trust anyone, especially self proclaimed gurus to hold on to a stock. They are most likely cheating you out of it since they probably have the stock they’re promoting at a lower price.

There are a lot of times where I bang myself on the wall for not trusting myself. I had moments where I looked at the charts and it seemed great. Invested it on that stock and then change it to what a guru recommended because they said it will be better. What happened was after a few months, my original chosen stock sored high while I lost a lot of money from the guru recommendation.

A Time To Give Back

gift-444519_640My dad, since I was little had been giving me anything I want. In fact I believe I had become too spoiled due to this that everything seems a bit too easy for me. If I want a gaming system, no problemo, he can give it to me as long as it doesn’t affect my grades. A shiny new cellphone? pfft! Easy peazy. In fact, he would sometimes offer these things. He loves me THAT MUCH! My mom has been mostly the villain but still I understand where she’s coming from. haha…

Recently my dad has been having back pains. I noticed that he’s been eyeing some massage chairs, he has been complaining though that they are expensive. My dad is really very selfless. He has been giving us these costly gadgets and suddenly when it comes for himself he decided not to buy since they are expensive?

I decided to surprise him by giving him one. I honestly don’t know anything much about massage chairs so I did some digging and research online. I managed to find a site that has trim it down for me and thus choose to give him the best massage chair there is. I mean he is the best dad in the world after all!

The massage chair I am looking at is called the Luraco Robotics i7. I was actually torn between Inada Dreamwave and that one but decided to just go for Luraco since it seems like it has more feature and less expensive. Phew! These things don’t come cheap though. I would have to break the bank just to have one of this. It’s time for me to give back though so I shouldn’t really complain. I can’t wait to see the look on my dad’s face. I know he will be thrilled!

Psychic Predictions – Are They Real?

tarot-991041_640Around 5 years ago, I was in a state of depression. I felt my life was going no where and while searching for a purpose in life. I stumbled across a free psychic prediction being given away in a forum called anybodythere.net. Prior to this, I don’t really like to ask for predictions because not only do I think they are not real but even if they were I fear these things are the work of the devil. At that time however I was really desperate for answers.

The psychic who read for me was actually the admin of the forum. I actually thought she was pretty good… this is actually how the conversation went. Let’s just hide the name of the psychic behind the name “Seer”.

Seer: Ok you want the reading based around a subject?
Love, Career, Money, Health?

Me: Love…

Seer: Ok 🙂 Give me a few minutes to shuffle and focus hugs

Me: Ok Thanks

Seer: Oh you have some nice cards hugs smile

Me: Yay

Seer: Are you with some one at the moment ?

Me: Er… its complicated But just a friend

Seer: lol Facebook term if ever I have heard one

Me: I mean I look at her as just a friend

Seer: Yes, No or Maybe answers only


Seer: Too much info clouds my vision hun

Me: Okay

Seer: Ok well .. the cards are not showing clear path … to be honest i have the change card here and victory card. This is telling me that your situation at the moment is favorable but you are about to change. Is why i asked you.. as if you were with someone i like to be careful. It could upset someone who is settled. But i see change and good fortune coming your way.. I dont think its with the person you call your friend hun.

Me: I see

Seer: I see there has been disappointment in your past and this has led you to a lack of trust in people.

Me: Yes!

Seer: But there is gain all over your cards here. Fate is going to play a big part in what is going to happen

Me: Ok

Seer: There is someone a woman who has ambitions and has not put you first. She has her mind more on career. I see her coming in.

Me: Wow, ok

Seer: I see you falling for this lady.. as she has two sides but she is not the one.The lady you are going to be with .. will come but there are a few delays you are not ready to meet her yet.They keep showing me a very gorgeous lady. She has long blond straight hair. Slim build. But she is going to be the one. There have been a lot of delays and times when you have felt that you have met the right person but i feel you know in your heart that it was not right.

Me: lol yes.

Seer: Dont worry its all for a reason

Me: I see…

Seer: Fate and time are preparing you for the right one. I see a couple of relationships first. But they are not right … You will know. When you meet her.

Me: Ok

Seer: It may be a year or 2 off yet.

Me: For the right one?

Seer: But you will be ok … your cards are favourable. Yes. You will meet and go out with others.

Me: I see…So does that mean i will have a couple of relationships before the right one

Seer: But this one is not in sight yet. You are not ready for her yet.

Me: I see…

Seer: Have you any questions ?

Me: The right one will be my lifetime partner right? the one I am going to marry?

Seer: Yep

Me: Ok…

Seer: Soul mate

Me: Okie hehe…

Seer: 🙂

Me: I actually have 1 more questions… Is that ok?

Seer: Yes

Me: Ok… our family has a huge project right now… but right now the project is way past the deadline and we’re still putting out money for it… we’re kinda worried about its success… i was wondering if you see it being successful?

Seer: There is going to be a bit of a crash here … is your parents involved ? I see a male and female around but they are working together… to try and make it work.

Me: Yes!

Seer: Something may go wrong .. but it has to to move forward. Have the sun… Which is best card in the pack But they may have a bit of a knock first. May have to look in a different direction but they are strong.

Me: Does that mean its gonna fail first? but its going to go well?

Seer: Yes

Everything the psychic said resonated with me. So did the prediction work? The freaky thing is a few months after this prediction. I did meet a woman who broke my heart eventually. It was someone who I had an interest in which “rarely” happens! The thing about our business also did happen. The only thing that I am waiting for is my soul mate, which she said will happen around 2 years after the prediction. It’s now waayy past 2 years.

I am not really encouraging you to get a psychic reading, in fact I was very impressed with her reading that I got on a binge reading from a lot of different psychics which turned out to be crap and did not happen. I did get some readings on the mark though, could it be somehow related to NLP? Whatever it is, a psychic reading however can be a welcome form of entertainment when you are a little lost in life.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming – Does it Work?

face-622904_640Recently I’ve come across this term while reading a self-help book. It has been said that by learning it, is like attaining some sort of super power. If you know Derren Brown then you’ll know what I mean. If you do a deeper search you’ll find that it’s being used by other “experts” to overcome one’s fears, read someone’s body language, picking up woman and other things that seems impossible.

The problem is though, there’s no scientific evidence that this works. Non-believers thinks that practitioners are lunatics who are in an illusion that the method works. It might not seem far-fetch since one of the creator of this program did once land in jail for being a suspect of murder.

Not worrying about being called a lunatic, I decided to try it out. Hey! My life sucks now anyway. What’s the harm in doing something stupid right? It could be a step to becoming successful in life.

This is what I did.

Mind Tricks – NLPers calls this “conditioning”, its a technique that influence one’s behavior thus you know what to expect. For this trick I asked some of my friends to listen to a story that I created. It goes like this:

A friend of mine loves drinking lemon lime soda with vodka on it. There was a time however he drank too much, passed out and had a nightmare about a bunch of dwarves with the characteristics of the deadly sins.

 If i am lucky Ill be able to guess something

Now quickly think of a number between 1-10 without typing it.

So what’s your answer?

If you answered 7. Well looks like the trick works :P. Out of 10 friends I tested on this however, only 4 of them got the number 7.

Why a 7 you asked?

Just look at some subliminal words in the sentence “lemon lime soda, dwarves and deadly sins.”

I am not sure if I want to continue with this. Maybe perhaps I just need a little more practice? Just stay tuned for more of my adventures.

On a side note, wish I could do this.



Move Forward Don’t Look Back

borderline-997613_640You might be generally dissatisfied with life right now, perhaps you want a better job, more money, have a GF/BF. You look at others who are better off and blame destiny why you end up this way. The thing is, there’s no one to blame but yourself. If you really want something, you better move your butt and work hard at it.

You might say, “Hey! I did start something but I failed”. I am going to tell you right now things does not start easy! You have to fight your way out of it. The world is like a war zone where the strong eats the weak. The thing is though, God gave us something that no other animals have which helps us stay toe to toe with our brethren. And that is our ability to think, the ability to have “limitless” wisdom. There’s no such thing as “I can’t” that is only a poor excuse for laziness. You can always learn or do something wherever your from or whatever age you are.

If you fail, then stand up and do it again! It does not mean that you’ll start from scratch anyway. What you gain is the ability to learn from your mistakes. Cliche? Yep, I know but that’s the truth.

Look at it this way.

If Manny Pacquiao quit, the time when no other trainers/promoters wants him since they did not see his potential. We would not have seen the greatest pound for pound boxer in the world!

If Nick Vujicic, kept on complaining about the world and put himself into a depression due to being born without limbs. He would not have experience the greatest joy in life. He now has a very gorgeous wife, and to add to that. He even has achieved more things than what a person without any disability can do.

My point is, live your life, follow your dreams. Move forward and don’t look back.